Boy’s Houses

Komwiswa House

“The Ambitious ones”

This house was named after on of the school’s founders-YOSIYA KOMWISWA.

Balya House

“The Intellectuals”

Named after the first Reverand to become a head master of The School.

Commander House

“The Commanders”

It was named after the Fouder of The School-Commander Ernest William Eborhard Calwell(O.B.E.R.N)

Cooper House

“The city”

This house is an esteem maker. Named in memory of Edward Cooper, the second head teacher of the school.Members promote brotherlyhood among one another.

Apollo House

“The Free State”

Named after a brilliant man Apollo Kivebulaya,who first worked as a catechist in Tooro.

Kasagama House

“The Royals”

It is like a small paradise put in school because of its nice view.

Girl’s houses

Annet Bachelor

Talk of the cleanest and tidy members in school.The members are bonded with unity and love and obedience.

Joan Parrens

Has the smartest girls in the school.Members are equiped with the solidarity.

Jaasi Kaliba

Has the most brilliant and cooperative girls in school.


“The Queen’s Chamber”

Is one of the first Girl’s Houses.

Members are esteemed as “The Queens”;The House Being Upstairs shows the improved standards of living.

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