1.The half lion with outstretched arms:

Lion means conquering power; Alumni of Nyakasura are groomed to conquer,to reign and triumph no matter what. The forward stretched arms are symbolic of the zeal and energy to move on and finally succeed with a lion’s might.

It is half lion because the full lion was left at kings Collage Budo where Nyakasura school owes her roots. this is where the commander was a teacher of physics before getting conviced by the legendary Komwiswa to come to toro to start a school of his own. The red colour also the same roots as the lion from Budo as shared alitle earlier. Our school logo never carries a name,”Nyakasura School”, save for the two letters.

NS; this was aimed at leaving the public wondering! The commander desired that when ever a member of the public saw the exemplary works and aluminus is doing, one should get challenged to draw closer and inquire about the secret power behind.

In this process, an alumnus is thus endowed an opportunity to share widdely about the greate wealth of the school. The school is thus epected to always market her s elf through the works of her graduates.

2. Secondly is the school moto; “TO MINISTER AND NOT TO BE MINISTERED UNTO” Mark 10:45 that; For even the son of man came not to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many. Graduates of Nyakasura School therefore are servant leaders, who work to ensure comfort of humanity even at the expense of person gain! we work on the principle that when other people are happy, then Nyakasura is happy regardless the cost!! We never boss around; our works and character are supposed to do it for us.

3.Thirdly is the school hymn; This is a complete prayer, puncuated in the 4 stanzas. It carries with it a spirit that binds us together irrespective of our religious inclinations,.

  • Always strive for the best for humanity; But along tedious journey never to get discouraged for the prize of success is yet ahead.
  • Life is never a straight line; But resilence and persistence with purpose often makes the difference
  • Life is not all about ourselves but also about the best of others. As Nyakasura School, it`s always a privelage and a blessing to make others happy,
  • And lastly, That is Nyakasura; the more the many try to change her, the more she converts them to herself.

4. And finnally now; ever wondered whhy those who have ever been to Nyakasura as students or staff; whether over a very short time or very long time, will always carry fond memories of the school!! This is all because Nyakasura school is and will always be the salt of the earth. Long live Nyakasura, Long live the School.

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