Head Teachers Profile

Statement of Faith:Got saved on 3/6/2003 ,Priest of the Anglican Church. , memory verse:Rom 8:28 and Mat 6:11


    • PHD(Student)
    • MSC(DE)
    • BSC(Education)
    • PDCM:
    • Certificate in writing & speaking
    • Certificate in trade(China)
    • Certificate in Scottish Education(UK)
    • Certificate in ICT


  • Married on 9/12/2006
  • Has 6 Biological Children
  • And 10 Adopted Children

Work Experience

Started teaching in 2003 Now Head Master Nyakasura School

Travel Expierience

  • China
  • Scotland(UK)
  • Israel
  • Rwanda
  • Tanzania
  • Kenya




Holistic excellence of Nyakasura School is a dream intrinsic in my heart and greatest motivator until God decides another destination for me. This website is my maiden interaction with the readers of this masterpiece. On 17th June 2022, the mantle was handed over to me and I sought for God`s guidance on how to steer the task. The voice that I heard on that day ,in my heart, has not changed at all to date.” it is possible to transform this school and achieve holistic excellence.” It was such a big voice that catapulted my endless search for how to customize the road map. A consistent period of prayer, consultation with stake holders, reading historical documents of the school, and physical observations, lead me to seven pillars to set the ball rolling and they include;

1. Improving and instilling the core values of the foundation bodies in the lives of students and staff.

2. Achieving excellence in academic and co-curricular activities

3. Modernizing management systems centered on christian values.

4. Working out resource mobilization strategies and skilling of the youth and staff.

5. Ensuring safety and security of staff and students.

6. Improving and developing infrastructure in the school.

7. Organizing 100 years (centenary) legacy of the school.

Despite the fact that , I assumed office i the middle of the pandemic “covid 19” ,the silver lining on the cloud was the sufficient time for setting a divine trajectory Hope beyond affliction is steadily being envisaged. Holistic excellence is a very big or rather ambitious dream. But it is really not unique to me alone. Many other big dreams have been made a reality in chosen leaders that include; Billgates and his computer software -managing the planet, Oprah Winfred and her syndicated program : the – Mnet, WII mart and his largest retail business , Chinua Achebe the poet , the list is endless. I believe the same God for this dream. I can`t leave this stage before thanking from the bottom of my heart , and calling upon the following stakeholders to embrace these dreams.

My church (C.O.U ) my esteemed family , the government ,PTA , the teachers , parents , students and Kyebambe girls who nurtured me for 17 years and born again brethren . As you read through this article, know it clearly that God appointed me for a mission , a reason and season – kindly embrace my grand dream of Nyakasura school excelling in all aspects . This school in a period of 10 years, God leading , will have improved, holistically let it be your song. Note that , if we don`t start , nothing will happen -every object remains at rest until an external force is applied on it “the law of nature ” is my portion for all of you as you rally behind this dream , not forgetting that , each of the readers of this message should equally prepare to excel in their endeavors . There you go. Long live Nyakasura school.

As we continue to minister. REV.BALINDA E.B. RICHARDSON HEAD TEACHER

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