All O level students at Nyakasura School wear a white short sleeved shirt and A level students wear white long sleeved shirts and blazers with a badge of Nyakasura school.

The students come to school dressed in clean full school uniform.

O level boys wear khaki kilts.

All girls wear khaki round skirts.
S.5 and S.6 boys wear khaki long trousers.

For certain days and co-curricular activities, students may wear the official school T-shirts.

Sports wear T-shirts

School T-shirts

Club T-shirts

All students here are provided with a red school sweater for O-level and red blazer for A-level, the students wear black closed shoes.  O-level boys wear red white-stripped leg wormers and socks and the girls wear plain white socks.
A-level boys also wear socks and the girls wear white socks

O Level Uniform

A Level Uniform

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